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Love Game Plan 2021
How to create love with ease and grace
without giving up who you are

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Join me for this Masterclass...
How to create love with ease and grace
without giving up who you are
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Who Is 
Coach Cass
Hi... I'm Coach Cass. 

I am sooooo excited that you are here. So a little bit about me. I like long walks on the beach, jerk chicken, dancing zumba, and reggae music. I've been featured in major publications such as Women's day, Washington Post, Fast Company, Black Enterprise and more. I've had the honor to be on NBC and a TedX Speaker.

I have been you.
I get it.
In between all the zoom meetings, to-do lists, and virtual things...

You're sick and tired of the choices you've made with love...

You wonder if your picker is broken.
You really don't want to grow old alone.
And you're wondering if you are the only one that feels like this...

You're not.

There is an entire community of professional women who want the same thing you do...a happy, healthy, thriving relationship.

My question is why do it alone?... figuring out what relationships looks like now, what to say, how to choose, how to maintain a great relationship once you're in one....why do it alone?

I get it, you have a few girlfriends you can talk to. But what I realize's like the blind leading the blind.

This community is a community created to support you in your journey. Hold you accountable to what you say you want. And celebrate you along the way.

Above you've seen plenty of testimonials. You have what you need to know. So the question you want support? If the Answer is yes.

Hit the button...Register for the Masterclass as the first step.

"Coach Cass helped me to see past myself and really attract real love. Starting with me. I am now happily engaged."- Hasina
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